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My Journey in Healing

It's been ages since my last post. 1.5 years has come and gone since I last posted about my Charlie's Angel's birth. Oh yes, she's entering her 18months now. How time flies!

Well, being a mother of 3 has taken a toll on me. That explains my long 'sabbatical'. I guess those who know me well, know how rigid I am. I couldn't close one eye when it comes to my children's affairs. And it's getting more extreme as I grow 'older'. Well, the 1st one, I'm ok to let her eat outside food, as long as it's baby-friendly. The 2nd, I'm going for home-cooked and sometimes organic. The 3rd, I'm going for full organic, especially those under the dirty-food category. So during my family trips last year, I brought along raw food and a slow cooker. Hubby was like "Oh my gosh! Do we really need to bring those?" But he's always been very supportive of me, so he accommodated.

How it happens...
To cut the long story short, well I basically prepared my baby's every meal during the trips, and that means waking up middle of the night to do the cooking and washing, so that the food would be ready by morning. Maybe it's the air-conditioned room, or maybe I didn't really wiped my hands dry, but by the end of the trips, I found that my right hand would feel numb and very painful at night. The excruciating pain would dragged on till morning, until I couldn't really sleep. In the morning, I couldn't move my fingers, and they were really painful. I felt the tips of my fingers were icy and numb, as if I've been holding ice for a long time. And my joints connecting my fingers to my palms were very painful. Shocked and worried, I thought I'm getting paralysed.

The Diagnosis...
I went to see my panel doctor, and he suspected I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. He informed me that these condition would not heal. I could only control them from getting worse. We looked at my blood report which I did a month ago but my RA marker was a clean zero. So he said he couldn't refer me to a specialist. Advised me to do some stretching, exercises, take lots of supplements (DHA to reduce my inflammation, Vitamin B Complex for my nerves, Calcium for my bones). He also prescribed me some painkillers and medications, which he said would help, Still none of that helped, but I must confess that I didn't spend enough time on stretching and exercising, as I don't have that much time to spare.

Searching for Treatment...

Trying all means to recover, I shared my problem to whoever that would listen, in the hope that one of them might have known what's wrong or would have something to recommend. So during all these time, I have tried them all, acupuncture, chinese medication, physiotherapy, chinese orthopaedic, you name it. I have even tried to get an appointment with a very well-known Neurologist at the GH, but the appointment time itself would take at least 2 months, and I might not get to see her as we were not allowed to choose our doctor. I googled about this, and came across the possibility that I might have auto-immune disorder where my body's immune system attacks and destroys my own joints by mistake. After observing myself for sometime, I suspected that my hyperthyroidism came back. It had been about 10 years ago when I have to take the hormone medication for 1.5 years to heal completely. So I went to see an Endocrinologist. My blood test confirmed my suspicions. My level is 1.5x above normal. I have Graves Disease, a confirmed autoimmune disorder. And while I was at it, I decided to check my RA marker. It turned out slightly positive as well. But the Endocrinologist advised me to treat one at a time, so we started with my thyroid first.

Initially I tried to avoid medication as I'm still breastfeeding. A good friend suggested that I take yoghurt as it's proven to help her mum who suffered the same hyperthyroid condition as me. I ate 3x of yoghurt daily. Sometimes I saw improvement in the sense that I didn't experience immediate diarrhea after every meal (yes, that's the worst symptom that I have, until I lost a lot of weight). But my hand still trembles, and I still had palpitations. I couldn't sleep at night and needed to depend on piriton to get a good sleep. My metabolism rate was very high, I was always on the go, rushing for things and very very impatient. In the end, after my family's pestering, I decided to take the medication (carbimazole).

When there's still hope...

Then, another good friend recommended me Izumio, which is a very high content Hydrogen water. I procrastinated as I was sceptical. How could Hydrogen water help? But since it gave me hope, I did some research, and decided to give myself a chance. It's natural anyway, and perfectly safe even when breastfeeding. I took it with Super Lutein for best effect. My dosage was 3 capsules of Super Lutein, and I downed them with a pack of Izumio, twice daily.

3 days later, I was due for another blood test. Surprisingly, my level was back to normal, and the Endocrinologist was very surprised with my results. According to her, with my dosage, it normally took months to get back to this reading, but she saw that I was responding very well to the medication (I didn't tell her what I've been taking of course!). So she allowed me to reduce my dosage at a drastic level since I was still very uncomfortable taking it while I'm breastfeeding even though she assured me that it's safe (I had to wait 3 hours after medication before pumping or breastfeeding my baby, and the time adjustment has caused my milk supply to drop drastically). She told me that she won't normally allow this, but seeing that my results were so good, she's taking a risk.

Well, even though my thyroid level had gone back to normal, my hand numbness did not. I still have pain in the mornings, and I still feel like an invalid trying to restore my fingers to life, especially after a lot of washing, or in air-conditioned room. I have to wear gloves while sleeping. I bought some disposable and latex gloves for washing as well. Still it didn't help. The Endocrinologist suggested I see a Neurologist to get myself tested. But since the appointment queue was so long, and I heard that the medications were not compatible with breastfeeding, I decided to try Izumio and Super Lutein first. I had been suffering for 3 months, and I could not take it any longer. I did not experience any healing crisis apart from feeling very sleepy at night as if my body was asking me to rest, but energetic in the morning. I noticed some pimples breakout on my face, and I think it's a form of detoxification. I still experience some joint pain some of the nights. Then on the 10th day, I started to notice that the pain has gone! The numbness are still there occasionally, but not as bad. And I have never had difficulty controlling my fingers again! I am so happy! And that's why I'm back here, because I want to share about how this product has helped me gain back my health. I believe that sharing is caring.

Hopefully someone out there who read this, will know that there's still hope. Because these supplements not only relieve numbness or Rheumatoid Arthritis (for my case) but any other kind as well, including life threatening ones like cancer, diabetes, Parkinson, any types of eye and skin diseases, fertility issue, etc. When I was first introduced to it, I was very sceptical as it just sounded too good to be true. But after trying it, I have full faith in it and have been sending some over to help improve my dad's condition who's suffering from vertigo.

 My 'miracle' supplements

I was first attracted to Izumio as it is actually mineral water infused with a high concentration of Hydrogen. I have done thorough research on how Hydrogen actually helps to repair and regenerate cells in our body. But it's hard to get so much Hydrogen as the water that we drink is cooked, and other sources does not have such high content of Hydrogen in it. Do you know that Hydrogen can actually balance the pH within our body, so we don't need to resort to alkaline water which might not be suitable for those whose body are more acidic? Also, the Miracle Water from Lourdes, France heals many due to its high Hydrogen content. But Izumio has 3x more Hydrogen content, for the Hydrogen content in 1 pack of Izumio (200ml) = the Hydrogen content in 727 liters of the Miracle Water from Lourdes. 

Super Lutein, on the other hand, are capsules that contain potent extracts from 6 of the most important carotenoids (lutein, zeaxanthin, lycopene, alpha-carotene, beta-carotene and crocetin) and 5 essential nutrients (DHA, blueberry extract, black currant extract, Vitamin E, Vitamin B), all captured in colors of the rainbow, and contained in capsule form without any chemicals, binders, and fillers. I have actually been shown lab reports as proofs to this statement. But what impressed me the most is, it can actually improve eye health, including myopia and astigmatism. I have read testimonials that the blind can see again, so I'm eager to start my girls on this in trying to reduce their short-sightedness. 

For my case, I am using Izumio to detox meaning flushing out all the bad radicals in my system, before nourishing them with Super Lutein which has all the nutrients that my body needs. That would expedite my healing process. 

Convinced and a believer now, I am spreading this hope to everyone out there. There's a CURE to whatever ailment you're suffering from, despite the initial believe that some things just can't be cured, only controlled. I have faith that mine will and so will yours as long as you're willing to give yourself a chance. 

A toast to great health, Everyone!

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