Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Dawn of My New Adventure

Little did I expect that my sharing recently has triggered a lot of enquiries on my latest supplements, Izumio and Super Lutein. These products really work wonders. Not only to my health, but to my life as well. 
Remember last time I shared about how I tried to venture into an MLM business, and what I've discovered and learnt? Well, this time, the experience is so much different. I only shared the benefits, and people just came to me! I don't need to do any approaching at all. It's so nice, because I just don't like to approach people.

The Beginning

Initially, I just consumed Super Lutein and Izumio to treat my hand's numbness. Till this day, I didn't know what my problem's called - whether it's Rheumatoid Arthritis or Carpal Tunnel or what, but I suspect it's a type of autoimmune disorder that I have especially when my immune system is low. I was supposed to make an appointment with a doctor to diagnose it, but I figured since the waiting time is so long, I might as well try this supplement first, as the medication prescribed might not be suitable for breastfeeding. In just 10 days, I am 90% healed. I felt like one of the people in the bible stories, where they receive the healing touch from Jesus. I was so happy and on Easter Sunday, I decided to share this good news with everyone. You know, when you're so touched and amazed, you naturally wanted to share the joy. And that is how it all started.

These supplements not only help me, but my whole family as well. When my eldest daughter complained of a bad throat, I gave her 1 pack of Izumio twice daily. After 3 days, she's completely recovered. From past experience, whenever she has a bad sore throat, it will later developed into fever and need antibiotics as treatment. Then, my husband who just took these supplements for fun (yes, they are pricey, but he got curious and wanted to try too), and they actually healed a lot of his old injuries. He injured his thumb 5 months ago, and despite getting treatment from the specialist, it still hurt and he couldn't really lift heavy things. But not long after consuming these supplements, it is healed! Just like that. What amazed me the most is his eyesight. His mypio and astigmatism ACTUALLY reduced! The joy of seeing such miracles was bursting in us, and when we shared this with our friends, a lot of enquiries came in.

A Little Sharing Goes A Long Way

The enquiries that I received is an eye-opener to me. It made me realise how doable the business is, because I don't need to do what I hate doing the most - approaching people. I don't like to approach people, no matter friends or strangers. It gives me the feelings that I'm begging them, that I depend on them. Well, this gives me a different feeling altogether. I actually feel helpful. When friends enquire about it, I helped them search for the relevant information. Whether they want to pursue further, it's up to them to decide. But I need not worry at all, because the products will do the rest. Once they tried it, they will only see improvement because these are smart products, they heal each part of the body gradually, depending on which part needs it first. Normally those taking it for a certain ailment, will find their other complaints gone as well.

A Different View on MLM

Well, when I was first introduced to Izumio and Super Lutein, the first thing that held me back is the price. The 2nd is because it's an MLM product. I was thinking, if these were sold in pharmacies instead, would it be cheaper? And people would not think twice to buy as well. However, after understanding how it's made, I realised that it would be much much more expensive if it's sold in retail stores. Such high quality product which was made from the highest grade of raw, natural ingredients, and undergo such strict quality control process, would not have made it to the pharmacy with this price. And thus it explains why it can only be purchased by a member. With this MLM system, the price can be further reduced if the member shared it out with others, because the company would give points and discounts if we recommend more people to consume it.

Actually, does it matter if it's MLM or not? As long as it can do what it's supposed to do as claimed, without any adverse side effects, then I have no qualms at all. That's money worth spending to me. Furthermore, I won't look at it as MLM. If I come across a nice restaurant where the food served is heavenly, I would share about it naturally. And if I have a member card, I wouldn't mind lending it to my friends who need it - they get a discount, while I'll get points at the same time. It's a win-win situation. So it's the same for this product. They get to purchase at member price, and I get points to further reduce my consumption cost.

Flexible and Simple

The other pulling factor is it's so flexible and I only do it when I feel like doing it. So far, I have not attended any talks or seminars on this. What I did is just sharing thru my blog and Facebook. Even with my close friends, I won't bring out this topic unless they ask about it. Or if I feel that they will benefit from it. But if they are not interested, then I won't pursue further. After all, I've done my part. With 3 kids at home, there's no way I could do more than this right? I wouldn't, if it'll eat into my family time. My main aim for now is to reduce my consumption cost, since my whole family is consuming. But if it turns out that I can make a side income out of this someday, then that would be an added benefit.

Strong Support Group

To join an MLM, there are 2 major factors that you should consider. 1st, the product can do the talking. 2nd, you have a strong support group. Well, we have both in this case. We have an Izumio and Super Lutein Resource Center on Facebook that is strictly for this growing team, business associates and medical advisers (yes, there are Doctors in there as well). This is a place where consumers share information on the products and their experience, and also a place to ask question whenever they have any concerns because everyone has different body condition and thus experience different healing crisis. Our team is the first professional team in Malaysia, and we are very flexible. If you're to buy from the company directly (Naturally Plus), you either get to purchase 12 Izumio + 2 Super Lutein + 1 free gift of your choice, or 12 Super Lutein + 2 Izumio + 1 Free Gift of your choice (depending on the promotion for the month, You can refer to May promotion here). But if you're to buy from our group, you get to exchange products to your prefered combination. Meaning, if you have 12 Izumio but you want 7 instead, we can exchange with another team member. That's because the team is very helpful. We also help each other to deliver the products if our friends are from another location. You see, we operate as a group, and not as an individual.

Satisfaction that comes with the package

With all to gain and nothing to lose, I decided to take the plunge to join as a member, with the hope that one day, I would be able to consume these supplement for free. But what motivates me the most is the satisfaction that comes with it every time I learnt of how these supplements have helped someone to regain their health and eventually their life back. However, I know that I'm not a doctor, nor do I try to be one. I'm just a doctor to my kids and myself, because I know my own body condition and theirs too. I took extra effort to know what medication was prescribed to myself and my kids, and if these have any side effects. I resort to alternative treatment and natural way whenever possible. And I treasure all these information that I found, so I share them in my blog here for my readers' benefits and also for my own reference later. To name a few, my discovery in chia seeds, kefir, the recipe of the coughing soup, the magical power of onions, etc.

The recent group buy that I just organised was a great success. Orders kept coming in until the very last minute. Up to the point where the dateline was closed, and I didn't manage to get in my last order. Too bad. But since I've promised my friends, I would have to get it from my own package, which is for my own consumption. All these just give me all the encouragement to take this up as a great business opportunity. I might not be as aggressive though, because I'm  just going to share, sit back and relax, but the most important thing is I enjoy the whole process. There's nothing like having people around you staying healthy and happy all the time, because it's contagious. You spread happiness and positiveness, and these are going to come back to you eventually.

Yes, this is what makes up one of life's little things which will leave a BIG positive impact on others.

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