Friday, July 10, 2015

Lessons I learnt from this Izumio Business...

1. Don't play Doctor!
Yes, this is really dangerous. Hubby has always reminded me not to go overboard when prescribing dosages to my customers. After all, these are not medications. They are only supplements. And every individual responds to different dosages depending on their health conditions. So I am very cautious about this especially when dealing with life-threatening cases. Even though I believe these products will help, it's still important not to contradict with the doctors' prescribed medications.

2. People will come when there's a need
Indeed, this is what I love most about this business. I do not need to personally approach people. Most of them come and ask me instead. However, at times I break this rule when I see someone I really care about got sick and I'm sure they will benefit from this. Yes, for very special people, I did a little approaching because I care for them. I'm not worried if I get rejected because they know I'm doing it for their best interest, and I will respect their decision no matter what. They know their body better than me, so once I did my duty of sharing with them, I will feel better because I know I've done my part.

3. People are grateful with my sharing
I've received thank you messages from dear friends for introducing these to them. If I didn't share, they would not know about this, so they said. All these continue to encourage me to share, share and share more openly, although some might think I'm over-promoting this. However, I know what I'm doing, and I'm glad I've managed to reach out to so many people out there. Even friends that I've not kept in touch with will contact me to ask about these products. And when they share how their skin, or hair, or bowel, immune system, etc has improved, or how the pain has reduced significantly, I feel happy for them. Indeed, these are what made my days and reassure me that what I'm doing is worthwhile.

4. A means of reaching out to others

Before this, when friends tell me that their kids are sick, or their so and so just had an accident, etc... I can only offer prayers for them. That's the least I can do. But now, I can offer them Izumio. I've given away free packs of Izumio for a friend's friend who suffered from chicken pox, to my babysitter who had a fall and had a very bad backache, to another friend's mom who had a stroke, and also to a very dear friend who's suffering from asthma. Even though just a few packs would not help to heal them completely, it will at least relieve their suffering and so I offered. One even called me Mother Theresa because of this (chuckled!). I don't think I'm anywhere near her, but I do what I can. And I'm humbled with these little gestures which I hope will give them some comfort in one way or another.

5. It takes time to heal
Even though many claimed these are miracle supplements from Japan, we're not allowed to promote them as such. The Company forbids us to mislead people or make exaggerated claims. Yes, these products are effective, but it takes different amount of time for different people to see results, because each individual is different. Not only their body conditions are different, their lifestyle and diet, etc are also different. So if it works on one in 10 days, it doesn't mean we should only give ourselves 10 days. Some people see improvements in their eyesight with just 1 pack of Izumio and 3 capsules of Super Lutein daily, but others might need higher dosage or longer timeframe. Sometimes I got disappointed when I didn't see results within the time frame I thought was adequate, but over time, when I give myself more time, indeed, these supplements really work.

6. Taking these supplements doesn't mean we won't get sick!
We are humans. And all humans get sick. If there is a product that after taking, will guarantee that we won't get sick at all, then the inventor must be more powerful than God. And eventually, our world will be over-populated because death rate will be zero! What an imbalance this will cause. So do get it right. These are just supplements that can help to improve our immune system, strengthen our defence against the virus, etc, but it doesn't mean we won't get sick at all. We still might, but it can help us to heal faster and thus, suffer less. Yes, that's the biggest lesson I learnt myself!

7. Passive Side Income that will grow exponentially
I keep asking myself, with the amount that I'm earning now, how long will I take to break even. The bonus is so little compared to how much I spent to consume it. Well, I was told that this will eventually grow exponentially, but I might not see it now. My uplines who's in this business for ~9months is earning more than RM10k per month now, and our leader who has been in this business for more than 5 years is earning ~RM52k per week (yes, the Company pays us weekly). Unlike most MLMs, there's a possibility that the downlines can earn more than the uplines, because only those who work hard will be rewarded. There's no monthly quota to meet, and no fixed amount to invest every month to maintain our points or earnings. Just sign a package @ RM5330 and you'll be eligible to earn right away. That would guarantee your membership for a year, so that's the minimum amount needed for 1 year's investment. Indeed, it is really affordable to start-up this business. What's more, the amount invested would not go down the drain as we regain our health and eventually our life back. We can go as fast or as slow as we want. We're in charge, yes, we're the boss! Most of my friends are consumers who doesn't intend to do this business. However some of them started earning now because I placed people under them as I grow my tree. But of course in order to earn, we would need to introduce at least one person. So really, this is a very real business opportunity especially for those busy moms who couldn't afford to meet clients or attend seminars, etc. I did my business just with a smartphone from home, for I seldom get to log into my PC at home. That's how convenient this is.

I'm extending my invitation to all my blog readers, come join me in this Life Saving Mission and get yourself rewarded physically and emotionally while building your very own business. The earlier you join me, the higher the chances of me putting people under you because I balance my tree from top down.

I will definitely guide you and help you grow and build your team. There are just so many things to learn out there. And yes, I'm still learning as I share :)

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