Wednesday, June 24, 2009

License to Splurge

It's the time of the year again - where we kept getting lots of discounts, vouchers, etc. Some are so tempting that I just couldn't resist it. Really, it's up to me to twist it the other way round - instead of thinking that it's a way of wasting (or spending) money, I'll call it saving (more of a long term thing, I guess). Spend less, save more, didn't that sound so right?

And that gave me a license to swipe my card like no one's business this month. Coz everything just expire end of this month. But of course, I only buy those that I needed most, not things that I don't need in the first place. If last year saw me giving myself treats on clothes and beauty products, this time I found myself spending more on health products. Could it be because age is catching up? Or I'm more health conscious nowadays. Anyway, I just need to make sure that all the money is wisely spent, if not I'll have a hard time clearing my debts next month!

Guess the sales gimmicks out there are really too smart for us, yeah? They just know when it's the right time...

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