Friday, May 20, 2016

Our Road Trip Essentials

Holiday is just round the corner, are you planning for a road trip too? I would, if only the girls won't have exams greeting them right after the school reopens. It's really irony that all of their exams are planned out right after their semester break, except for the year end long holiday, thank goodness. So, whatever holidays that we'll be planning, would be most likely towards that timeframe. A good thing this round we still have about 1 week to breathe before the exams come knocking, so maybe we'll think of somewhere nearby. Part of the reason is also because hubby always insists that it's a HOLIDAY so the kids should go somewhere!


So, how do we prepare for a road trip? Here are some of the things that we can't leave without.

1. WAZE or GPS

I have been dependent on WAZE quite a lot when I'm travelling, even for short distance trips, as it gives first hand info about traffic conditions. This Apps is smart enough to direct us to detour to a less traveled route, through lots of shortcuts if it detects an accident or massive traffic jams ahead. However, signal could be weak at certain places, so it's better to be prepared with a GPS. Yes, in case we lost a signal, there's a backup to direct us to our destination. The only downside of GPS is that we have to update the maps or we'll end up going in a circle using a non-existent route. Yes, I have to keep reminding myself to remind hubby to send his GPS for updates before every road trip. Oh, and regardless of how techy all these seem to be nowadays, it's always safe to have a REAL map layout ready, just in case. We never know what could happen - battery running out, poor reception, or the gadgets suddenly go on strike and hang on us!

Well, we normally drive our own car, but just in case there's a need to take a flight instead, it's comforting to know that we can actually rent a car there from others. Turo came out with this brilliant idea by cutting out the middleman, so that standard cars are cheaper than car rental enterprises. It is certainly worth checking out, if their services are available at the places that you're planning to go.

2. IZUMIO = Water + First Aid Kit + OTC Medicines

How can we leave without our Hydrogen water supply? This not only serve as our handy 'water tumbler' due to its small size, but also as our first aid kit. During our last trip, when my toddler asked for a toilet break, and there's no toilet in sight, we stopped by an area which was quite rural. So she got an insect bite and had been scratching until it's red and swollen. Worried that it would get infected soon, I quickly poured some Izumio on her skin, and voila! The itch stopped right away. Ever since then, I would sprinkle the leftover Hydrogen water on her red skin and the swell subsided quite fast. Also, Izumio has helped keep fever at bay, or will come in handy in cases of food poisoning. You never know what bug you'll catch when travelling. Due to its multipurpose usage, Izumio tops my list of must-bring essentials.


Some of my friends are surprised when I told them hubby does not allow food in his car. Well, even during our road trips, we keep it to a minimum. I would only select food that won't spill, or that won't leave too much crumbs. Good thing I managed to find some healthy organic snacks that fit my criteria easily. On another note, as I'm still breastfeeding my youngest girl, I MUST bring along my breastfeeding cover so that I can nurse her conveniently anywhere anytime. So it's always tucked inside my diaper bag.


This is something that I often overlook. Especially if it's just a day trip and it's nowhere near the parks or nature. However, I learnt my lessons after a few incidents so this goes into my checklist as well. In fact, I bought a convenient roller type balm stick from Iherbs which is very gentle on the kids' skins and effective in keeping the mozzies at bay. Since it's so handy to bring along, I just tuck this into my diaper bag and it follows me everywhere.


I don't normally bring a sunblock along unless we're heading for the beach or watersport activities. However, in our current weather nowadays, it's advisable to bring a sunblock along to protect your skin from the sun's damaging UV rays. During my recent trip to Dubai, I'm glad I brought it along with me as it's so sunny there. Save me from having sunburns and all.


This is a must bring along item for me and my kids especially when we're travelling. During normal times, we hardly need a lip balm. But when we're travelling, even if in the same country, I find that our lips are more chapped and dry. So to prevent that from happening, I'll apply this as a precaution to keep our lips moist all day.


How would you keep yourself occupied on a road trip? Now that our handphones and iPads come with so many apps and games and songs, that's all we have to bring. Still, being a conservative mom, I don't prefer my kids to be glued to the screen whole day. So we'll come out with games ideas where they have to count the different types of vehicles that pass our view, or some simple brain-teasers and silly jokes. Since my girls love to sing, we entertain each other with our own version of 中国好声音 (Zhong guo hao sheng yin). 

When I start a list, it will go on and on as I would want to have all areas covered. However, for now, I'll just stop at 7 Essentials, as 7 is a safe number, not too much, not too little. As long as we bring enough cash or credit cards, we're good to go. So are you ready for a road trip? Lets get going!


Saturday, March 5, 2016

Izumio and Super Lutein for Heart Disease and Stroke

Nowadays, it's not uncommon to hear about so-and-so who never woke up from their sleep, due to a heart attack. A friend's sister died from heart attack in her sleep, jolting shock among family members. It's scary, unexpected and can happen to anyone.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) reported that Cardiovascular Diseases (CVDs) top the chart as the number ONE cause of death globally; more people die annually from CVDs than from any other cause. In US alone, someone dies from a heart attack about every 90 seconds, while stroke kills someone about every 4 minutes, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

So it is only wise that everyone should be well equipped to handle this in case of emergency as every minute counts. Quick medical help could prevent many of these deaths. Fast action can also limit permanent damage to the body. In order to be well prepared, get to know the signs and symptoms of these health threats.

Signs and Symptoms

Many might know that the most common symptoms of heart attack are: sustained, crushing chest pain and difficulty in breathing. A heart attack might also cause cold sweats, a racing heart, pain down the left arm, jaw stiffness, or shoulder pain.

Interestingly, women often have different heart attack symptoms than men. For instance, instead of having chest pain during a heart attack, women may feel extremely exhausted and fatigued or have indigestion and nausea. Some may even experience anxiety up to a month or so before the heart attack. I would have suspect pregnancy symptom instead of a heart attack!

"Many women have a vague sense of gloom and doom, a sense of I just don't feel quite right and don't know why," says Dr. Patrice Desvigne-Nickens, an NIH expert in heart health.


Where as the symptoms of stroke are more recognisable. This includes sudden difficulty in seeing, speaking or walking, and feelings of weakness, numbness, dizziness, and confusion. "Some people get a severe headache that's immediate and strong, different from any kind that you've ever had," says Dr. Salina Waddy, an NIH stroke expert.

Heart attack and stroke are caused by interruptions to the normal flow of blood to the heart or brain - 2 organs that are essential to life. If the heart is starved for blood for too long (generally more than 20 minutes), heart muscle can be irreversibly damaged. Heart and brain cells begin to malfunction and die, setting off a series of harmful effects throughout the body, which ultimately lead to the familiar symptoms of a heart or brain emergency.

With stroke, the longer you wait, the more brain cells are dying, and the greater the chance for permanent damage or disability. That's why we see some people's face got distorted after a stroke attack and took ages to recover.

Ischemic stroke is by far the most common kind of stroke, accounting for about 88 percent of all strokes. In ischemic stroke, a clot blocks blood flow to part of the brain, killing neurons in its wake. But the worst damage often happens after the clot dissolves and surviving brain cells revive. The cells release reactive oxygen species, molecules that damage and kill cells.


So these are the signs, symptoms and after effects of Heart Attack and Stroke. Can they be treated? Or best, prevented in the first place? Yes, of course. There are studies done where a simple drink of water laced with hydrogen gas might prevent some of the brain damage resulting from stokes, a new research conducted on mice suggests. The gas seems to act as an antioxidant, protecting brain cells from the toxic aftereffects of oxygen starvation that strokes can cause.

A. Therapeutic Effects of Hydrogen

There have been numerous papers on how molecular hydrogen exerted preventive or therapeutic effects on heart, brain and the neural systems. A recent experiment by pharmaceutical scientist Mami Noda of Kyushu University and neurologist Bruce Ransom of the University of Washington points to a solution. The mice in their study drank water enriched with hydrogen gas for 7 to 10 days. Afterward, the animals' optic nerves, which connect the eyes and brain, were removed and kept alive in a dish. To mimic the effects of a stroke, the nerve fibers were deprived of glucose and oxygen for 60 minutes. Normally, only 25 percent of the fibers survive, but the figure was 50 percent for the hydrogen-drinkers' fibers. Other signs of damage from reactive molecules were also reduced.

Other supporting papers on Hydrogen Therapy:

i. Potential application of hydrogen in traumatic and surgical brain injury, stroke and neonatal hypoxia-ischemia
This article summarized findings of current preclinical studies that implemented hydrogen administration, either in the gas or liquid form, as treatment application for neurological disorders including traumatic brain injury (TBI), surgically induced brain injury (SBI), stroke, and neonatal hypoxic-ischemic brain insult (HI). Most reviewed studies demonstrated neuroprotective effects of hydrogen administration. Even though anti-oxidative potentials have been reported in several studies, further neuroprotective mechanisms of hydrogen therapy remain to be elucidated. Hydrogen may serve as an adjunct treatment for neurological disorders.

ii. Hydrogen Gas Reduced Acute hyperglycemia-Enhanced Hemorrhagic Transformation in a Focal Ischemia Rat Model
Hydrogen gas has been demonstrated to neutralize free radicals and reduce oxidative stress in heart and liver ischemia/reperfusion injuries (Fukuda et al., 2007; Hayashida et al., 2008). Hydrogen gas seemed selectively reduce hydroxyl radical and peroxynitrite in vitro and exerted antioxidant effect by decreasing 4-hydroxynonenal (4-HNE) (the specific marker for lipid peroxidation) and 8OHG (nucleic acid oxidation marker) in a rat MCAO model (Ohsawa et al., 2007). In this study, we examined whether hydrogen inhalation provided neuroprotective effects for acute hyperglycemia-induced hemorrhage after focal ischemia in rats.

iii. Hydrogen as a New Class of Radioprotective Agent
Irradiation of the heart can cause chronic impairment of cardiac pump function and cardiac disease 68. The most significant type of radiation-induced heart disease (RIHD) appears to be that of myocardial damage, which may result from loss of alkaline phosphatase activity of capillary endothelial cells 6-10 weeks after irradiation 69, 70. In addition to myocardial degeneration, perivascular and interstitial fibrosis are seen 71. Injury of heart by irradiation has been shown to be caused by the hydroxyl radical. Intervention to protect the heart from the damage of the hydroxyl radical by hydrogen has been proposed, suggested, and performed by our group. We investigated the cardioprotective properties of hydrogen by pretreating mice with hydrogen rich water prior to irradiation. The results were pleasing in the study, 90% of the mice without hydrogen rich water pretreatment died, while 80% of the mice with hydrogen treatment lived after 30 days post-radiation. When focusing on the myocardium, hydrogen pre-treatment proved to have cardioprotective properties by decreasing melanodialdehyde (MDA) and eight-hydroxydeoxyguanosine (8-OHdG) levels as opposed to the non-treatment counterparts, which showed increased levels of those oxidative stress markers 16.

iv. Non-pharmaceutical therapies for stroke: Mechanisms and clinical implications
Emerging data support the hypothesis that hydrogen, which has the advantage of crossing the BBB easily, might act as a free radical scavenger of hydroxyl radicals, thus promoting neuroprotection. Hydrogen (2%) both reduced the amount of toxic hydroxyl radicals and significantly reduced infarct volume following transient MCAO in rats (Ohsawa et al., 2007). Studies using other rat models confirmed the effects of hydrogen on the improvement of neurological function (Cai et al., 2008; Chenet al., 2010; Matchett et al., 2009). A recent clinical study treated 13 cerebral ischemia patients with hydrogen inhalation and showed that 3–4% hydrogen inhalation over 30 mins was feasible and safe in stroke patients (Ono et al., 2012).
The researchers are not sure why hydrogen helps, but it may react with and disable the toxic oxygen species. Although hydrogen gas has not been systematically tested in people, there are no signs that it is toxic, suggesting that it could be given as a preventive medicine against strokes, one of neurology's long-held goals. 

B. Healthy Food for the Heart

Apart from that, maintaining a healthy diet of antioxidant rich superfood can keep your heart in check. 
The antioxidants in blueberries for instance, work to reduce the buildup of bad LDL cholesterol in artery walls that help to reduce cardiovascular disease and heart stroke. The carotenoid lutein found in green vegetables like broccoli and spinach slows down or prevents the thickening of arteries in the human body, thus fighting against heart disease and stroke. Oily fish such as salmon contains omega-3s. Omega 3 fatty acids prevent blood clots making the heart less vulnerable to life-threatening irregular heart rates.  

Carrots are high in carotenoids which are associated with a lower risk of heart disease. They have not only beta-carotene, but also alpha-carotene and lutein. The regular consumption of carrots also reduces cholesterol levels because the soluble fibres in carrots bind with bile acids and lowers cholesterol.  

How Izumio and Super Lutein Come into the Picture

So this is where Izumio and Super Lutein come to the rescue. 

Why Izumio?

Izumio water is quite simply water with a very high concentration of Hydrogen pumped into it, making it a powerful antioxidant at 2.6ppm (ppm = parts per million).  Due to the fact that it is the smallest atom in the universe, it is able to penetrate cells at mitochondrial level and eliminate free radicals within our body at enormous rates. Our cell DNA is bonded with Hydrogen thus Hydrogen is already naturally occurring in our body. Without water, we die. But with hydrogen rich water, the toxins within our body, the damaged cells due to free radicals, get eliminated. With all the supporting papers and studies done on Hydrogen, Izumio is a good candidate to provide such high content of Hydrogen to maintain a healthy heart. 

Why Super Lutein?

Super Lutein Ingredients

Super Lutein is essentially the extract of vegetable essence encapsulated in a sealed soft gel capsule completely safe for babies and pregnant mothers. It has more than 11 ingredients from top quality Lutein (FLORAGLO best in the world) to other carotenoids from tons of fruit and vegetables that one could never eat in a day. 
Super Lutein has the most balanced combination of carotenoids 

The capsules can be swallowed or chewed and taste like a mixture of fish oil and dark leafy green vegetables. If the tip of the soft gel cap is snipped off with a scissors, the high potency liquid (vegetable essence) within appears black at first sight but if spread on a damp white tissue or napkin, will exhibit the colours of the rainbow, essentially the colourful vegetables that we all need in our daily diet. But how many of us are diligent enough to eat all colours of the rainbow and how much can we really eat?

How did Super Lutein come about?

Naturally Plus collaborated with Swiss Pharmaceutical Tillots (that originally started in London, but now owned by the Japanese pharmaceutical group, Zeria Pharmaceuticals) and Aliment Industry in Japan (largest provider of soft gel capsules in the world exporting to the USA). They are made using the highest pharmaceutical standards.

The ingredients in Super Lutein are excellent super food that nourish our heart and keep it functioning in tip-top condition. Lycopene, the red pigment with a strong antioxidant effect found in tomatoes, prevents oxidation in low-density lipoprotein cholesterol and reduces the risk of developing coronary heart diseases. 
Tomatoes resemble the heart more than any other fruit. Both the Heart and Tomatoes have 4 chambers and they are red.  They are loaded with lycopene which has been referred to as heart and blood food. And Super Lutein, contains lycopene.  


Putting scientific studies aside, real life testimonials have shown how Izumio and Super Lutein have helped stroke and heart patients regain their life. 

1. Member recovered from Stroke
- Member suffered a stroke
- Lost 80% of functions
- Took Izumio
- In 35 days, recovered majority of his functions
- Today he takes both Super Lutein and Izumio

2. Stroke Testimonial from Taiwan
2. Stroke testimonial from Taiwan

3. Heart Disease, Tumour, Hypertension, Cholesterol & Prostate

4. Heart Disease, Diabetes, Knee Pain - Super Lutein & Izumio Testimonial - 心脏疾病 - 识霸 活美水见证
P/s: He is my leader and I've personally met him. Now he looks much healthier than in the picture

Well, I've also heard from a friend on how Izumio has saved her mom from a near stroke, TIA or Transient Ischemic Attack. Then, there's this dear friend of mine, whose mom got a stroke suddenly, but didn't get better even after discharged from the hospital. When I knew about it, I shared about Izumio to her, and she has been giving her mom a packet a day. Just 1 box, and she told me her mom has recovered. Of course she also took her mom for physio and some chinese massage, apart from a host of other things. To her, it doesn't matter which did the job, as long as her mom gets better. And I'm so glad today that her mom is back to her old self again, praise the Lord!

So, if you know of anyone suffering from Stroke or Heart Attack, do them a favour by sharing about these products with them. Who knows, you could save a life! Feel free to drop me a note at or whatsapp me at 012-4212010 if you're interested to know more about these life-saving supplements. Till then, have a great weekend ahead!



Sunday, February 21, 2016

Treating Head Lice Naturally

Just a few days before school reopens, I noticed that both my elder girls have contracted head lice! Eww.... not again! It was my worst nightmare. They have got this before, which I suspected either from the school or their daycare, and that would always launched me into one of my cleaning sprees.

I used to buy head lice shampoo from the pharmacy, sourcing from those "kids-friendly" versions. Initially I started with Lice Clear from Guardian, which comes with a lice comb. Then when I discovered that Caring is selling something much more gentler for the kids, I switched to Delice. This comes with a metal lice comb plus a magnifier lens (although I don't find much use with the magnifier lens).

However, the procedure was very tedious and took so much of my time. Especially the wet-combing part. I dreaded it so much so sometimes I will bring them to a regular hair salon who are willing to do such treatment for them. Not all do willingly. The only downside is they use chemicals to kill the lice, and it will still take ages to comb out the nits.

So now you would understand why I got paranoid whenever I noticed them scratching their head. Worse is that it's not a one-time deal thing. We would need to repeat the combing and shampooing routine at least 2-3 times, wash all the bedsheets, towels, combs, etc. 

Until recently, I discovered that head lice can be cleared naturally with essential oil. So while waiting for my purchase from iHerbs to arrive, I went to Blu Scents near my area to get a bottle of Tea Tree Oil with Jojoba oil as the carrier to start with. Price from iHerbs is so much cheaper even after minus the shipping fees, and they are organics too. Only downside it it took ages to arrive. I couldn't wait 3-4 weeks as my 2-yo toddler had contracted the lice from her sisters too. And I was quite reluctant to use the lice shampoo on her.

During my googling on Essential Oils for Head Lice, I learnt a lot of things. Huh...didn't know it's a well-known remedy all along! There are a few sites which I find very informative, and after comparing info, I decided to go with Tea Tree Oil as the safest.  

Peppermint is safe to use at 6+ years but ALL eucalyptus and rosemary essential oils should be avoided until 10+ years of age.

Since I've purchased Tea Tree Oil from iHerbs, I wanted to try Neem when I went to enquire from Blu Scents, However, the sales lady told me that it's rather too strong for my 2-year-old, so she advise me to stick to Tea Tree Oil. Also I don't plan to get any carrier oil as I read that Olive oil or Coconut oil is good enough, which I have. But she explained that Jojoba oil is still advisable so that the scalp pores won't be blocked. Not sure if it's a sales gimmick or what because I've Olive oil that is suitable for hair. Anyway, I decided to comply. She offered to help me mix the Tea Tree Oil with the Jojoba Oil for my 2yo, and according to her, I shouldn't exceed 1 drop per 10ml of Jojoba Oil for a 2yo. I then asked her, if I want to use it for my 8yo and 11yo, can I add more drops of Tea Tree Oil to the Jojoba Oil later? She told me No, I could not. Once it's diluted, I can't add more in the future. And she went on to explain a lot of things that I should take note of, which I started to feel apprehensive as essential oil is really a No Play Play thing if we're not fully informed. So it's rather dangerous to start a home remedy with Essential Oil, no? 

Anyway, I went back and started applying the regime on my girls' head. For the 8yo and 11yo, I still applied the Delice shampoo on their hair and put on the shower cap for 10 minutes. After that only I combed their hair with the lice comb. Once the lice were removed, I shampooed their hair and apply Tea Tree Oil conditioner on it. Rinse with water and towel dry. While it's still damp, I massaged the diluted Tea Tree Oil on their hair again.

Where as for my 2yo, I just rubbed the diluted Tea Tree Oil on my palm before massaging her head with it. Only then, followed by lice combing, wash and towel dry her hair. Lastly, I repeated the massaging of her head with Tea Tree Oil while the hair was still damp, and this time I didn't rinse it off. I read somewhere that I had to repeat this process on Day 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21 to totally clear the whole cycle including the nits, etc. These treatment days have been carefully chosen to disrupt the life cycle of the louse and maximize the chances of eliminating all the lice. However, I couldn't do it for some of the days, so I adjusted the procedure by just lice-combing their hair instead of the running thru the whole process. After all, lice or nit combing is the key to eliminating them. Whether we use any pediculicide at all does not matter, as it's just to smother the lice so that they are easier to be combed out. I have even applied apple cider vinegar or even white vinegar on their hair but I still prefer essential oil, maybe the smel is nicer and I can comfortably leave it on their hair overnight. 

On Day 17, I still found some lice on my 8yo but over time, I noticed that they are all cleared. No more scratching and for a long long time, even my 8yo who used to have dandruff and the word 'itchy' could trigger her scratching reaction, I noticed that it no longer did. I'm so happy with the results and so every now and then, I would massage their scalp with Tea Tree Oil essential oil. 

I guess, that's why I find it worthwhile to share about it here. For those who have been facing this dilemma for ages, it's high time you explore this alternative. It certainly saves me a lot of trouble!

Sunday, January 10, 2016

New Resolution For A New Year

It's beginning of a new year. I have new hopes, new resolutions. With a strong determination to have a better year, I made some changes for my kids' arrangements, with the hope that things will take a turn for the better. Honestly, I am not sure if what I did was right. I just know that some changes will be needed.

Well, after 1 week of school begins, I'm not so sure anymore. What should our focus be for our children? Should we fill their time with activities and tuitions, or should we free them from all these and let them enjoy their childhood and school life? Just like how we used to during our time? Should we nourish their soul with faith education, or should we give priority to other skills that they lack instead? After all, we only have 24 hours a day, and we can't have everything. Priority and wise selection should be important here. And of course, mutual agreement from both parents and children is key.

Last year, when both my kids brought their report cards back, I can't help feeling a little disappointed after seeing their results, even though I have prepped myself for this. Especially when I see so many parents posting about their kids achievement on Facebook. I don't understand why mine can't perform better. Yes, I know I shouldn't compare, but I just can't help it. 

I could be over-expecting, but I can't help myself for putting such a high standard on my kids. I was a top achiever in my school - all thru primary and secondary. Hubby said that was because I came from an 'ulu' place, my kampung is a small place and the competition is not that high. But when I made it to being the best student during my university's convocation, I strongly believe that hard work does pay off. I do acknowledge that I'm far from being a genius, or I would have make millions by now. Still it's something that I am still learning to accept and figure out why can't my kids perform up to my expectation. 

Many said it's not time yet. We need to wait for them to 开窍. I kept wondering how long to wait. And I do know that academic results doesn't mean much really. Getting the best results doesn't mean I could be the best employee or earn the highest pay. It's just a passport to get a good job but doesn't define how well we could perform in our career later.  

We need to see each child as a gift, to be welcomed, cherished and protected… Pope Francis

Each child is different. And as parents we often make the mistake of making them achieve something that we dreamt of achieving but couldn't at our time. I'm definitely one of them. I could still remember how I was bursting with pride when my eldest came back with distinction for her piano ABRSM Grade 1 when she's not even 7 years old yet. This is something that I failed to achieve myself, but she did it. But poor girl, with the amount of practices that I was drilling into her at that time, I never stop to think that she could be stressed. She was so steady! And it's sad to realise that she feels that her achievement is more for Mommy rather than for herself. I know I've been failing badly then. That's why I wanted to capture it here so that I won't repeat it with my 2 younger ones later. 

Stop trying to perfect your child, but keep trying to perfect your relationship with him
- Dr. Henker
I guess I should focus more on this from now on. Hubby kept reminding me that we parents need to build their confidence since small. That's because I did voice my concern if that would make them too arrogant later, but he countered that it's ok for 厉害的人 to be a little 骄傲, LOL. I guess both of us have different parenting style. 

Parents need to fill a child's bucket of self-esteem so high that the rest of the world can't poke enough holes to drain it dry
-Alvin Price

I have to keep reminding myself that I must not give up on them, even when they keep repeating the same mistakes over and over again. I've read many touching articles from successful people that, the greatest reason for them to be what they are today, is because their parents never give up on them, when the rest of the world did. So aye, children are apt to live up to what you believe of him. 

As your kids grow they may forget what you said, but won't forget how you made them feel 
– Kevin Heath

My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me. 
– Jim Valvano

My biggest weakness is I can't stop nagging and pointing out their mistakes. I do praise them when they did the right thing, but I do not have the patience to explain to them why can't they do this or that.

Praise your children openly, reprehend them secretly. 
- W. Cecil 

From this year onwards, I will remember that children are a precious loan to us, and each one has a unique path on life.  My job is to help them find out what that is. When I ignore a child’s intrinsic strengths in an effort to push her towards my notion of extraordinary achievement, I would have undermine a bigger plan. 

I am going to give them a sense of balance, and leave the rest to God. 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

In loving memory of little Samuel

If tears could build a stairwell
and memories were a lane,
I would walk right up to Heaven
and bring you home again.
No farewell words were spoken,
no time to say good-bye...
You were gone before I knew it,
and only God knows why.
My heart still aches in sadness
and secret tears still flow,
What it means to lose you
no one will ever know.

It took me this long to finally get over it. It's not until I am blessed with Yao that I could openly talk about it, without bringing tears to my eyes. Indeed, only time will heal. And I'm lucky I am given another chance, in a different way. For this, I must be appreciative and always count my blessings.

On this very day, 4 years ago, I was still wondering why. You would be 3 by now, and I still couldn't imagine how you would have changed our life. But I'm at peace with myself now, knowing that you're in good hands, though I've never once dreamt of you yet.... but I believe you're with the Angels up there watching over us. Here, I would like to offer up a little prayer for you...



Friday, July 10, 2015

Lessons I learnt from this Izumio Business...

1. Don't play Doctor!
Yes, this is really dangerous. Hubby has always reminded me not to go overboard when prescribing dosages to my customers. After all, these are not medications. They are only supplements. And every individual responds to different dosages depending on their health conditions. So I am very cautious about this especially when dealing with life-threatening cases. Even though I believe these products will help, it's still important not to contradict with the doctors' prescribed medications.

2. People will come when there's a need
Indeed, this is what I love most about this business. I do not need to personally approach people. Most of them come and ask me instead. However, at times I break this rule when I see someone I really care about got sick and I'm sure they will benefit from this. Yes, for very special people, I did a little approaching because I care for them. I'm not worried if I get rejected because they know I'm doing it for their best interest, and I will respect their decision no matter what. They know their body better than me, so once I did my duty of sharing with them, I will feel better because I know I've done my part.

3. People are grateful with my sharing
I've received thank you messages from dear friends for introducing these to them. If I didn't share, they would not know about this, so they said. All these continue to encourage me to share, share and share more openly, although some might think I'm over-promoting this. However, I know what I'm doing, and I'm glad I've managed to reach out to so many people out there. Even friends that I've not kept in touch with will contact me to ask about these products. And when they share how their skin, or hair, or bowel, immune system, etc has improved, or how the pain has reduced significantly, I feel happy for them. Indeed, these are what made my days and reassure me that what I'm doing is worthwhile.

4. A means of reaching out to others

Before this, when friends tell me that their kids are sick, or their so and so just had an accident, etc... I can only offer prayers for them. That's the least I can do. But now, I can offer them Izumio. I've given away free packs of Izumio for a friend's friend who suffered from chicken pox, to my babysitter who had a fall and had a very bad backache, to another friend's mom who had a stroke, and also to a very dear friend who's suffering from asthma. Even though just a few packs would not help to heal them completely, it will at least relieve their suffering and so I offered. One even called me Mother Theresa because of this (chuckled!). I don't think I'm anywhere near her, but I do what I can. And I'm humbled with these little gestures which I hope will give them some comfort in one way or another.

5. It takes time to heal
Even though many claimed these are miracle supplements from Japan, we're not allowed to promote them as such. The Company forbids us to mislead people or make exaggerated claims. Yes, these products are effective, but it takes different amount of time for different people to see results, because each individual is different. Not only their body conditions are different, their lifestyle and diet, etc are also different. So if it works on one in 10 days, it doesn't mean we should only give ourselves 10 days. Some people see improvements in their eyesight with just 1 pack of Izumio and 3 capsules of Super Lutein daily, but others might need higher dosage or longer timeframe. Sometimes I got disappointed when I didn't see results within the time frame I thought was adequate, but over time, when I give myself more time, indeed, these supplements really work.

6. Taking these supplements doesn't mean we won't get sick!
We are humans. And all humans get sick. If there is a product that after taking, will guarantee that we won't get sick at all, then the inventor must be more powerful than God. And eventually, our world will be over-populated because death rate will be zero! What an imbalance this will cause. So do get it right. These are just supplements that can help to improve our immune system, strengthen our defence against the virus, etc, but it doesn't mean we won't get sick at all. We still might, but it can help us to heal faster and thus, suffer less. Yes, that's the biggest lesson I learnt myself!

7. Passive Side Income that will grow exponentially
I keep asking myself, with the amount that I'm earning now, how long will I take to break even. The bonus is so little compared to how much I spent to consume it. Well, I was told that this will eventually grow exponentially, but I might not see it now. My uplines who's in this business for ~9months is earning more than RM10k per month now, and our leader who has been in this business for more than 5 years is earning ~RM52k per week (yes, the Company pays us weekly). Unlike most MLMs, there's a possibility that the downlines can earn more than the uplines, because only those who work hard will be rewarded. There's no monthly quota to meet, and no fixed amount to invest every month to maintain our points or earnings. Just sign a package @ RM5330 and you'll be eligible to earn right away. That would guarantee your membership for a year, so that's the minimum amount needed for 1 year's investment. Indeed, it is really affordable to start-up this business. What's more, the amount invested would not go down the drain as we regain our health and eventually our life back. We can go as fast or as slow as we want. We're in charge, yes, we're the boss! Most of my friends are consumers who doesn't intend to do this business. However some of them started earning now because I placed people under them as I grow my tree. But of course in order to earn, we would need to introduce at least one person. So really, this is a very real business opportunity especially for those busy moms who couldn't afford to meet clients or attend seminars, etc. I did my business just with a smartphone from home, for I seldom get to log into my PC at home. That's how convenient this is.

I'm extending my invitation to all my blog readers, come join me in this Life Saving Mission and get yourself rewarded physically and emotionally while building your very own business. The earlier you join me, the higher the chances of me putting people under you because I balance my tree from top down.

I will definitely guide you and help you grow and build your team. There are just so many things to learn out there. And yes, I'm still learning as I share :)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Birthday Blessings

 Sometimes, I forget to thank the people who make my life so happy in so many ways, 
Sometimes, I forget to tell them how much I really do appreciate them for being an important part of my life, 
But this year's birthday made me realise that I'll not be where I am today if not because of you, 

Yes, my dearest family and friends, THANK YOU just for being here for ME!

Beautiful roses from the beautiful people in my life

This birthday, I'm blessed to have a new member joining our family. My sister-in-law was scheduled for a C-Section on my birthday, but the little baby couldn't wait and decided to come out 6 minutes earlier! I guess she's too excited to celebrate birthday with me as well :)

This birthday, it's all the more special because not in my wildest dream, I ever expect to hit a jackpot! It was like a dream come true when I win my very first trip right on the eve of my birthday. Remember how it all started? Yes, initially, I was just sharing about my healing journey. Then, I found myself doing the business and in just 3 months, I've won a trip to Japan! Wow, just by sharing and spreading some love around, Naturally Plus has rewarded me with a free trip to visit the Izumio factory, etc. I'm elated! Oh yes, I won't say it's easy, but it's definitely very real and doable. And I am forever grateful to my mentor and friend who's always been there to guide me and motivate me. And not to mention all my wonderful leaders up there too! Do contact me if you want to join us in this Health Mission and Opportunity to reach out to more people out there.

A very special cake that not only looks awesome but also tastes superb

It's been a tradition in my group to celebrate birthdays together. This year is no exception, but this year it was more overwhelming. I've been spoilt rotten with half a dozen of yummy cakes, an assortment of my favourite chocolates, a nice pen with my name carved on it, and lots of yummy treats from the special people in my life. I've been pampered by my friends and colleagues who've organised lunch treats and gatherings to celebrate with me throughout the week. I feel very blessed and cherished indeed! Thank you for being a part of my life, you've really made my day. And I'm most touched with the beautiful cards, notes and messages, they are just sooo sweet and thoughtful, which made my day all the more special.

Not to forget my dearest family who's always been there for me, not only in times of needs or comfort but also in my most happiest moment, I know I can just come to you anytime, and I will get your utmost support no matter what. Thank you so much for being such a BIG part of my life, I'm so glad I have you all whom I can proudly called my own.

So today, I'm being very generous. For every loose order you purchase from now till 28th June, I'm giving away 1 pack of Izumio FREE! Sign a package and you'll get a free membership right away. Drop me an email for further details.


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