Thursday, December 3, 2009

A little Act of Sharing

I've not been very disciplined lately. I lost the mojo for blogging. Things that I would have loved to tell the whole world last time, I find myself too lazy even to write them here. The most, I would just update my friends during pumping time.

Well, time passed, and I got a little sms from a dear old friend 2 weeks ago which jolted me back to reality. She told me she've had a tense day that day, but after reading my blog about the 2 little girls, her mood was lifted again. And she actually thanked me for the sharing! Phew, those short messages really made my day too. I've had a tiring and uneventful day that day too, and it's good to get such really sweet note, from someone far away and you've hardly met for the past 7 or 8 years. Thanks! I was really touched, and the message gave me a new motivation to blog again.

You see, I've been contemplating to stop blogging for good, and just write to my girls personally if there's anything important that I wanted them to know. No need to tell the whole world, right? Wrong. After I got that message, I realized that it's about sharing that we made each other's day. So, yes, I'll continue again.

How nice if everyone keep sending such sweet meaningful messages to people around them, wouldn't this be a nicer place to live? Leaving comments is another example of such graceful act. And with Christmas season just around the corner, many preached about sharing and giving. Just last Sunday, our priest shared some slides with us. Every year, the Americans spent ~450 billion dollar on Christmas gifts. What if we stopped buying Christmas gifts this year, and channeled that money into something better like helping the poor, or other fund-raising events instead? That would have saved a lot of money for a much better cause. Because the gifts that we bought for others, would somehow make the other party to oblige by giving us something back, and that would have been like a gift exchange. And, most of the time, we're not really buying something that the person really needs, it's more of a want and sometimes it's not what they wanted at all but we thought would be good for them. Get the point? So instead of wasting that money, might as well spend it on something more meaningful - for those who really need it.

Hmmm... having said that, does that mean I won't be getting any Christmas present this year? But I've promised my little girl that Santa's going to give her something if she continue to behave...


HuiHui said...

hi irene, hui hui here. i came across your blog thro' some blog hopping. nice little corners ( yours and your daughters' ) you have here! thanks for your sharing, i picked up many valuable parenting tips. :)

ablogaway said...

Hi Hui Hui, thanks for dropping by. And thanks for your sweet note :) It's really nice to catch up with you that day, you have such a cute little boy there :)

Pet said...

True... we should give to those that in need. Christmas is a time for a get together and eat for my family. I told my parents and mother, no need to give me anything... just presents for the little ones will do, a small present. Don't have to be BIG and expensive. They just love it when they get something, esp Alex. I'm sure SY is the same. :-)

Continue blogging... ya! I encourage u too...


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