Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Child's Prayer

One night, my little girl asked me to say a prayer with her. This time, however, she said everything on her own. I listened and was amazed at what was going on in her mind. Here are some of the things that touched my heart most (of course I've changed some of the wordings here to make it more understandable).

"Jesus, please don't let Amah become old. Let her be a young lady again. Don't let her be sick sick. "
--> Some time back, when she requested to go back and stay with Amah, Amah told her, "Amah is old already, Amah can't be taking care of you forever."

"Also, please don't let her walk like an old lady, but like a young person again. Do not let her leg pain pain."
--> Sometimes when she's naughty, she likes to imitate her Grandma walking and make fun of that. Ended up being scolded by Grandma :)

"Jesus, please let Mommy and Daddy can continue to work so that they will have enough money to bring Juin Juin and me to play Kok Kok Beh. Please let me go to Full Day and Juin Juin to Aunty's house."
--> Just right after we switched her to full day upon her request (and also due to some other reasons), she wanted to switch back to half day. She's so unhappy that she kept telling us and her teachers that she wanted to go back to half day right away. I nearly accomodated her, but thank God after the 3rd day, she'd learnt to accept it. I could see it in her prayers when she actually mentioned it - she knew that she had to go to full day so that Mommy and Daddy could continue to work. Before that, she even requested me not to work but to take care of her instead. And I nearly resigned too!

If only, things will really go the way how a child see it.... How nice if life is so simple.


iamthewitch said...

Very touching prayers indeed. :) You must be proud of her.

Pet said...

Alex will put her hands together and said, "on your knees to pray" when it's time to pray.

I am planning to switch school for her... about time to get her ready 'mandarin' school. Any idea which school / nursery would be good?

ablogaway said...

iamthewitch - I am amazed at what can go inside the head of a 4-year old when I heard her prayers. Things which I never taught her, but somehow got registered in there. Sometimes it's the simplicity that struck me.

Pet - that's a very proper way to pray - how cute of her! Oh, switch school soon? I'm not sure of a good Mandarin school, haven't done any survey yet. But the school that SY went to right now does teach Mandarin.


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