Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How Fairy Tales Really End

I've always wondered, do they really end with "...and they lived happily ever after." ?

What happened after the full stop? Then I got a forwarded mail from a friend, and I couldn't agree more! I think many mothers felt so much like a Snow White here.

What's her prince charming doing there? Watching soccer! Why are none of the kids tagging along with him, even though she has got both her hands full? Hmmm.....

I guess, that's life. Reality bites, don't you agree so? Our typical society expects the modern mom to assume full responsibility in caring for the family and managing the house chores, regardless of whether she's a full time housewife, or a full time working mom. Whether she wants to source it out (get a maid), or do it herself, that's up to her. The man of the house's role? A breadwinner. Full stop.

Of course I wouldn't deny that they are still many father out there who actually shared out the workload. If you are part of that family, I salute you. Congratulate yourself for being a lucky Snow White who married the right prince charming. For those of you who're still working towards that, don't give up. You're in the right direction!


zewt said...

There is no story of hank.. but there is a story of jacke... here...


HuiHui said...

i vow to teach my son about gender equality - i.e sharing all the housework. it was practiced in my own family - my dad helps in housework, my brother is superb in housework ( in fact according to my SIL, my brother is the one doing most of the housework in their house now ). but then it's totally different from my in-laws family - my MIL wait on them ( sons & FIL ) hand and foot HAPPILY ( perhaps she gets her accomplishment/recognition/self-worth from serving ppl well since she's a SAHM ). she said she woke up at 4am to wash clothes and clean the house last time!

personally i can feel (just my feeling, she didn't say it) that she thinks i didn't serve her 2 sons ( my BIL is staying with us ) and grandson GOOD enough - because i didn't work as hard as her in term of that but it's okay as long as i think i'm a good mother and good wife already - pass my own consciences. :)

HuiHui said...

oh ya.. i came across a nice article 2 weeks ago at


"I would simply plead that you not allow your family to get sucked into the black hole of exhaustion. However you choose to divide your responsibilities of working and family management, reserve some time and energy for yourselves – and for each other. Your children deserve the best you can give them, too"

Thankfully my husband does understand that and willing to help out in sweeping and mopping the floor and other tasks which i ask him on the spot. :)

Pet said...

They helped out when you nag them, after awhile they forget again! Sigh... man

ablogaway said...

Zewt: Thanks for the sharing on the story of Jacke. It certainly opens up my perspective of certain things, which I myself took for granted all these while...

Hui Hui: Your case is so similar to mine. Still, I find that old habits die hard, if a person is brought up that way, it's hard to change. So, I'm sure your daughter in-law would really thank you for instilling this good habit into your son since young.

Oh yes, thanks for the article, it's certainly shared at the right time :)

Pet: (Shake Hand) Can't agree more.


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