Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Cake Story

During the long Merdeka weekend, I made this...

It was my 2nd attempt at cheese cake, and since hubby's birthday was around the corner, I decided to try my luck. My, it was not easy. I sent SY to Amah's place, and got SJ to sleep rather early that day - at ~8.30pm! I thought I could finished baking the cake before midnight - it's only a Saturday, the first day of the weekend.

Well, I had only finished preparing the biscuit base when SJ woke up. So I stopped and soothed her, breastfed her till she fell asleep. Once she drifted back into dreamland, I continued on with my cake, only to be stopped again about 1 hour later. This time, when I tried to unlatch her after I found her drifted back to sleep, she wouldn't want to let go, as if using me as her pacifier! But as I tried to wriggle myself free, she would bite me, so I decided to let her suckle longer. In no time, I drifted into dreamland myself!

When I woke up at 1.30am, I went on to continue with my work. Luckily this time I managed to finish up and just in time to put the cake into the oven (around 3am) before she woke up again. By the time the cake had finished baking (in water bath), it was already 4am in the morning. I thought I wanted to prepare the ingredients for decoration while waiting for the cake to cool down, but halfway thru, SJ woke up again (it was 4.30am). In the end, I just put everything into the fridge and went to sleep.

The next day, I was hoping to assemble the cake and decorate it, but I just couldn't free myself from SJ. She was too clingy, even when she's sleeping. And since I was too tired from the night before, I ended up napping with her in the afternoon. When I woke up to start the decoration, she woke up too. So, I could hardly complete the whole thing at one time, but had to break them into several short sessions.

This was how it looked like halfway. Why I said halfway? Because there's only 1 bear at the right side :)

And here's the final one - with 2 bears finally :)

Since I was not confident that the cake would turn out nicely, I had a backup plan. Didn't want to spoil hubby's birthday with my not-so-perfect creation. Ta-da!

I ordered the mille crepe in advance, which was delivered right at our door step on the actual day itself! I came across this when my colleagues ordered this for me on my birthday and it was really nice! Very special too, I even joked that it had the same number of layers as my age :)

I had tried Swiss Chocolate Velvet and Coffee Bliss, so I was itching to try the Matcha Latte flavour, but since the man told me that many still prefer Swiss Chocolate Velvet (which was also what I had for my birthday), I decided to stick to the same flavour too. And it was great! Very special indeed. See the hand layered crepes!

Well, so we ended up having so many cakes to eat for that whole week. And surprisingly, hubby prefered my peach marcapone cheese cake as I noticed that he would choose that between these two when he's hungry and was looking for something to eat. At least my sleepless night and effort didn't go to waste :) And much to my consolation, even MIL who didn't really like cheese cake told me that it tasted very nice! Nothing beats the feeling of triumph at my 2nd attempt, although the deco was miserable :P Haha, and hubby also said that this was much better than my first attempt on Father's Day. Looking back, I think the deco really sucks last time, wonder how I had the guts to post it up! But then again, it was for my own records, and I silently congratulate myself for this small little improvement...


Pet said...

ooo, so many session to make a DIY cake! I'm planning to make one too, but...after reading this...hehe.

Well, I haven't get the ingredients yet! Glad to hear CM likes your cake.

My colleagues n I planned to get the mille crepe one day too!

ablogaway said...

Maybe you will have a smoother process, as long as Jon is not that clingy :)

Oh, heard the peanut butter flavour tastes good, but I haven't tried for myself.


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