Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Theory Behind an Argument

I find this too interesting not to post about it. It was brought up by hubby during a discussion. He suddenly asked me why when 2 people argue over something, they have to raise their voices. My simple-mindedness told me that it's associated with our emotion - we laugh when we're happy, we cry when we're sad, and we raise our voice when we try to bring out a point.

However, Hubby had something else in mind. He pointed out that people had to raise their voices in an argument because their hearts and minds are too far apart. The more disagreement they have, the further their hearts are away from each other. Thus, in order to get their message across such a long 'distance', the louder the voices need to be raised.

Now, this explains why lovers hardly talk, they whisper. That's because their hearts are at the same page.
In fact, some couples hardly communicate. They just exchange eye contact to get the message across. That's because their minds and hearts are so close to each other that they didn't even need to say it out.

Ridiculous? Well, it's very logical, don't you think so? Now, the next time you are having an argument with someone, try to see things from his perspective, and let me know if eye contact works!

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