Friday, April 15, 2011


I've never felt more grateful for the arrival of a Friday in my life. Not so much that it's time to wrap up my work for the week and switched into the weekend mood, but it also means no more laundry to do! Well, that was before our washing machine gave way and stopped draining. If it didn't decide to suddenly strike on us, that would mean more laundry since that's the only time I can maximise the help from Mr. Sunshine out there while I'm not at work.

It's been two weeks that our washer was out of function, which also means that's how long we had to hand-wash all our clothes. It's a lucky thing that hubby sweetly volunteered to take turns with me, so we get to rest one day in between. Yes, we had to do our laundry everyday because we only bought 2 sets of uniforms for the kids, so if we skip one day, they won't have a uniform to wear the next day. That's how important it is to wash every single day. 

Poor me

While it's easier to wash the kids' clothings, that's not so with the adults' clothings. We both ended up having back-aches all over, and Hubby even declared that he hated washing clothes with both his hands on facebook right after he completed this task by the 2nd week :) Seriously, we sure hope the technician would quickly source the faulty part and fix it for us. MIL even suggested that we get a new one while waiting for the old one to be fixed, or dump the old one entirely without fixing it. Sigh, if only we have more luxury to buy such convenience. 

So what happened to the laundry on a weekend? They got transported to a home laundry service, FOC. Not only that, it came back nicely pressed and folded, something which I wouldn't be able to accomplish with each wash myself. So, maybe that's why we didn't really bother to chase the technician for the fix, you got what I mean? (wink!). 

Well, I couldn't be more grateful to this 3 aids in my life right now - 
a. the washer for the much precious time it helped us saved from washing those clothes ourselves, the many backaches that we could have avoided, the efficient draining skill that expedite the otherwise long drying process, and the unavoidable worries that came from seeing the clothes piling higher each day.  

b. the man of my life, for willingly share out the workload (and backaches too) without any complain (apart from his release of emotion in facebook recently!). 

c. and of course, MIL for always being there for us, whenever we need it - for such wonderful service. 

Now, wouldn't you say I'm the most fortunate person on earth? :) Ah... how I wish I could have all 3 of this....
 Now, I did own 2 of these, but none of which were functioning at the moment....

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