Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Long Awaited Moment

This morning, a miracle happened. Sze Yi had followed MIL back to her house last night. I went out to do some marketing. Hubby & Sze Juin were still sleeping when I left. When I came back, Hubby was carrying Sze Juin and waited at the door. They both were delighted when they saw me. Hubby - relieved. Sze Juin - leapt in joy and wanted me to carry her.

Hubby had his breakfast which I just bought back, while I proceeded to change Sze Juin's diaper and nursed her. After that, I had my breakfast and I gave Sze Juin a banana to eat. I put it inside the Munchkin baby food holder for her. While she was still happily eating the banana, I quickly cleaned the marketing stuffs. Not long later, she started to make a fuss. She threw the banana away. And she got herself into a big mess. I knew that she've reached the limit - I would have to attend to her soon. I started to feel helpless. There were still so many things to do , and I had to do them all at once. So, I tried my luck:

Me: Daddy, you got 3 options to choose from (Hubby was reading the papers/book in the hall). One, clean up Sze Juin and bathe her. Two, cook porridge for Sze Juin, or Three, clean the fish & chicken.

Hubby: Can I clean myself?

Me: That is not an option.

Silence. Nothing happened. I was thinking to myself that I'll need to do all 3 on my own after all, as usual. Then suddenly, Hubby carried Sze Juin to the bathroom. So you know which option he chose.

But, much to my surprise, Hubby actually bathed her! I thot he would just clean her and then played with her until I was ready to bathe her. Ah, she sure enjoyed her first bath with Daddy - after 10 months! And it's sure a long awaited bath (at least for Mommy).

Not long later, Hubby presented me with a little fresh, clean and happy baby girl - except that the dress was worn wrongside :) But I can't blame him though, coz this dress has the buttons in front instead of the normal back. He went to correct it later (after I've had a good laugh at him - yeah, I'm so bad). My good fortune lasted longer than I expected becaues he continued to play with her until I was done with the cleaning and cooking. Yes, I even managed to cook up some simple dish & soup for lunch because I suddenly have 1 less task to attend to.

Thanks Hubby! So proud of you :)


Pet said...

Yeap Yeap! Arthur nowadays help brush Alex teeth at night becoz I have to bf Jon. No choice...just have to do it!

Pei Sze said...

Glad to hear that.

They sure have to help with two kids now.

Mummy and daddy: Angie and Ben said...

Good to hear that.


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