Sunday, March 21, 2010

What do you get when your car get knocked?

A brand new car? Nay, don't be so naive!

It happened just in front of my company's guard house, after Hubby picked me up. She was coming at top speed, still talking into her handphone. It all happened just like that. Bang!

I was anxious, but Hubby assured me it's ok. It's not our fault, and we'll get my car fixed. The lady (Miss C) was very nice, she apologized and promised to compensate for the damage. She told us that she'll give us her mechanics number and asked us to go there for evaluation.

We agreed, but prior to that, Hubby wanted to get some quotations from a few other mechanics first and get the car assessed. We shared the info with Miss C, but she still wanted us to go see her mechanics. Fine, we went there, got the car assessed and was given a quotation. The price was indeed much cheaper than what we got from the previous mechanics. However, she refused to pay the full amount, and told us that she could only afford ~50% of that. Hubby told her that he's willing to top up some, since she's an ex-colleague of him a few years back. But she insisted that Hubby negotiated with me so that I could accept her proposal of bumper re-alignment, painting and headlight polish (without replacing the scratched headlamps (big and small). Looking at the condition of the lamps, we didn't think that it would be 'acceptable' even after some polishing work, so we decided to go for police report.

She agreed, but later came back to us and told us that her insurance coverage would not allow her to claim that since our repair cost did not exceed RM500. So, she suggested the below instead:
- She would pay for the bumper re-alignment, painting and headlight polish
- If we're not satisfied with the results, we could request for the headlamps replacement but we'll have to top up some amount on our side. And she would collect the old headlamps for 2nd hand retail purpose.

Hubby agreed as we wanted to close this ASAP, it has been dragging on and we've spent too much time on this.

Finally, we went to the mechanics to get the car fixed, and the mechanics polished the car in front of us first thing so that we could decide if any lamps replacement was needed. After seeing the effect, we all agreed that only 1 of the lamps needed to be changed, the other one was still presentable. But when we went to collect the car the next day, guess what? None of the lamps were replaced, as the mechanics told us that Miss C refused to pay, and insisted him to polish them till they shine instead.

There, that's what I get after my car got knocked - not to mention those extra time taken for the trips to the mechanics, etc. And I've already closed one eye on my broken car plate number... If I ever decide to sell off my car, I doubt it would fetch a good price unless I top up some $$$ to fix it myself. Sigh...

Really, prevention is better than cure. No doubt about it.

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