Thursday, April 15, 2010

So Far and Yet So Close

The recent bombing incident in Russia on March 29 has jolted me back to reality. It happened on an early morning rush, out of expectation, by the least suspected people. It's yet another suicidal bombing, which took lots of lives, and injured many.

I would not have felt such a strong impact if my sister is not there. And I later learnt that there were rumours (because I did not know how true) that it was supposed to happen on the metro line that she normally rode. How another line got blasted instead was a pure coincidence. I shuddered at the mere thought of that. And I couldn't stop thanking God for protecting my sister and the Malaysian students studying there. It's a miracle how gut feelings could save lives, they were really very lucky.

Nonetheless, I was very sad to learn that things were not as mild as reported. Some things never got reported because not everyone was interviewed. And the actual situation was actually much worse than reported. Minor injury could mean with perforated ear drums. To me, that's not considered minor at all! But of course, I do understand that they were supposed to remain calm, so unnecessary alarm would make situation worse.

Are we approaching 2012 soon? Is it true that it would be the end of the world as prophesized by many? With so many natural disaster taking place (tsunami, flood, earth quake, etc), and man-made violence (snatch thief that no longer snatch and run, but snatch and kill, gang rape, terrorism, suicidal attack, etc) could that be signs that we should not ignore? A friend shared with me on a new age book that he read, which states that for human to survive past 2012 (assuming there is a disaster), is for everyone to be in harmony with nature, with the people. Only when everyone has the benefit of everyone in mind, not just their own, then only human can ascend to a more intelligent life form. That reminds me so much of Avatar. Everything is interconnected to each other, even the trees could connect with the people to create an equilibrium state.

If that is true, life would be much more beautiful and peaceful to live in. Don't you agree so? But till then, we would always live in fear and worry. Just as how I've spent sleepless nights worrying about my sister, whether there would be another bombing incident, or whether we should cancel our plans to attend her convocation, is it wise to bring the whole family along, etc. But then again, I guess I'll leave that to God, wouldn't life be much simpler so?


DoraMi said...

Oh, nothing dy, the next week right after that bombing, police security was lessen everywhere else in the metro except the stations that got bombed... This surprised me also that they were not on-guard anymore (I thought the higher security should be on the 2nd week... haha...) But everyone seems back to normal and not so scared and worried anymore... So should be ok dy I think. :)

ablogaway said...

Hmmm... I'm not too sure if that's good news. When everyone starts to relax, that means they are no longer on their guards!


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