Friday, February 24, 2012

The 2 Sides of Human

I can't help noticing that each of us have 2 sides, the happy side and the sad side. We only get to see which side the other person wants to display. Is it possible to see both the happy and sad side at the same time?

Some people only show their happy side. They tell everyone on Facebook the happy news. They twitter about it. Normally these type of people believe that happiness should be shared. Sad events should just be kept to themselves, why want to let the whole world know what misfortune has come their way? They want people to look up at them, not pity them.

Another category of people fall into the 'mopping' side. They are also often seen as those who can't stop complaining. Every time you meet them, they will tell you what a sorry state they are in. How 'this and that' happens to them, what an unlucky day for them, etc. But the good things that happen to them, they keep it low profile. Why?

I think people act the way they act because they want to be accepted in this society. Or it's part of their habit which could hardly be changed. Those who always show their happy side wants acceptance into a larger social circle,  the more 'likes' they got, the more likeable they are. No people will 'like' what you posted if it's something unhappy, right? Yeah, common sense tells us that Facebook is for the happy people.

But some people complain and complain, not because they like it, but rather for the sympathy and comfort that they will get later. Yes, when you tell your friend about something bad, they will naturally comfort you, and you won't feel so bad any more. If you tell them about how lucky you've been, you might get a 'like' on the surface, but in actual fact, they are jealous of your achievement and  silently building more 'forte' against you. Gosh! Are humans that complicated?

I don't know, maybe it's just part and parcel of life. We do what naturally comes to us, without any motive. I just know that I can be happy one minute and sad another. When I'm happy, normally I shared the good news. It just depends to a larger audience or to smaller ones. When I'm sad, I also shared them, mostly with my most trusted and close friends. But lately, I learnt that some things are best kept to yourself. You might want to get some comfort, but in actuality, time is the best healer. It's not whether you vent it out somewhere whether to real or fake audience, but in the end, you will still have to carry it with you, and only time will heal. No matter how painful or happy a memory is to you, after some time, things will be back to where you begin. All these are just temporary, it will past.

So, just be what you feel like being, be Yourself!



peiszong said...

I am the happy face. :)

ablogaway said...

Good. We need more smileys around. That makes the world a much happier place :)


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