Saturday, June 12, 2010

Oh Why Do I Procrastinate?

Sometimes, we knew we had to do 'something'
but always kept putting them off,
Either reschedule them to another time,
When we're not so busy, or not so tired,
With the hope of being able to continue
with what we've left off previously,
But little did we know,
if we continue to procrastinate,
we might end up not able to do that 'something' anymore!

Just last long weekend, my mom was asking me to drop her off at her sister and brother's house up north for a visit, but because she saw how busy my schedule was, and was afraid that it would burden me & my family (my kids were not feeling too well then), she told me that it's ok. She'll postpone the trip later. Furthermore, her legs were giving her problems so she thought of resting first before making that visit.

Well, just this morning, my mom got a call saying that my dear auntie has passed away. I felt a sharp knife just went thru my heart. Oh why did I procrastinate? Why didn't I insist to bring them over last time? Why do I gave in to my hectic schedule and priorities then?

Why, so many whys... and yet I couldn't turn the clock back. I felt really miserable now.... Ah, if only I didn't procrastinate. It's time for me to revisit my priorities in life - because time and tide wait for no man. I silently offered up my prayers and blessings for my eldest Aunty, may she find grace with God, and rest in peace always.

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Pet said...

How true, can't agree more...


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