Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Life's Lesson from being a Mother

It's going to be my 4.5 years of being a mother, and a mother of 2 I'd be!

What have I learnt so far? Pricelss!

I learnt that being a mother,
I needed skills not only to handle the kids,
but also how to do the house chores at the same time,
regardless of whether I’m healthy or sick.

I also learnt, that being a mother,
I need a loaf of tactful skills,
and a bucketful of patience,
On how to handle the crowd,
that comes with the binding agreement called marriage,
without making things worse.

Being a mother does not necessarily mean
You'll have the kids all for yourself,
or you'd get to decide what's best for your child,
All the time.
Rather, you need to be prepared
to let go and let the other party handle it,
especially when someone's trying to take charge.

Being a mother also means,
You'll burn more midnight oil,
Worrying about tiny details,
That no one finds worth cracking the head for,
Or planning for things,
No one ever foresee coming.

And the painful moment will come,
When your child starts to shout at you
In their teenage rebellion
When they fail to see
The things that you could long foresee

But despite all that,
you'll know deep down inside,
that it's a price you're paying
for being a mother,
and yet, you wouldn't trade it away
with anything ever
just to catch those glimpse in their eyes
The eyes that you've watched to grow
ever since they were in your womb.

Ah, what would you know if you've never threaded that path
But it's a wonder why some mothers were so hard to please
They'd rather trade their child’s happiness out of jealousy
Or the tricks they did to get more $$ out of their child,
Not to mention teaching your child to go against you,
Lord, why is it
There’re such mothers out there?

Sigh, the world's not perfect,
Nor are mothers,
But what matters most,
Is when they're giving their best
regardless of what others think,
even if it goes unappreciated.

Then why am I so helpless
In trying to be the perfect mother?
In such an imperfect world?
When no one understands you,
But complains that
Nagging’s what you do all day!

God please grant me the strength and patience
to endure all this
so that I'll finally see
the silver linings behind the cloud!

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Pet said...

True...being a mother is not easy but we, I believe are much stronger then we think we are! Be strong, your family needs U more then you know it.

Peiszong said...

You are doing very well so far. Be proud of yourself.

Let go a bit and look from the other angle, you might see rainbow at the other side.


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