Monday, August 16, 2010

The Perfect Husband

What's your idea of a perfect husband? To me, I just want someone who'd be there for me when I needed him most. And now that we're raising our own family, I'd want him to be equally involved with the kids and housework too, since I'm also working full time like him. Sometimes I'm not sure if I expected too much, because most guys would not like this kind of task. But surprisingly many of my mommy friends have such loving husband who even cook for the whole family!

My husband is the typical chinese 大男人,who normally leave all the domestic stuffs under my care. Sometimes when I couldn't manage them all, especially with the kids demanding all my attention, he'll help out here and there, but that also depends on his mood.

Now, I don't know what happens today, for I suddenly see the perfect husband that I've been wishing for! He offered to fetch the kids home from school, so that I could go home earlier to prepare dinner for them. However, something delayed me at work so when I finally reached home, he's already home with the kids. As usual, SJ was very clingy, and kept wanting Mommy's nen nen. That means I couldn't cook right away. After nursing her for awhile, she's still not in her good mood and wouldn't let me go. Even when Daddy offered to bring them down to the playground, she insisted that I went along too. Having no choice, I followed them all down. Dinner would have to wait, that's for sure. But before that, I quickly switched on the rice cooker so at least the rice would be ready. I've boiled the soup in the morning, still warm in the thermal pot.

After we had a fun time at the playground, we bribed them with lollipops to get them back home. So by then, SJ's in a good mood already, and she could play by herself or with her Jie Jie. I quickly prepared one vegetable dish, and then hubby voluntered to cook another dish - egg & bacon. He hardly cook ever since I married him, so I must thank my lucky star. I quickly took that opportunity to bathe the kids and had a shower myself. By the time we're ready, dinner's served. Again, surprisingly today, he served dinner :) On normal days, he'll expect me to serve everything and he'll just eat.

I wouldn't have called this perfect if he didn't clean the dishes for me (evil me!) And yes, he cleaned everything for me, including the wok and rice cooker too without me even asking him so. I really don't know what got into him, but I'm very very happy, that's for sure!

So, we managed to get the kids ready for bed earlier, after spending some quality time with them. Normally,  I'd just quickly finished the housework, sometimes hubby'll help with SY's revision (which is not very often), and by the time I'm done, we'll chase them to bed. So I hardly read with them anymore, not to say play. This time, we get to do a lot of things with them. I even get to practise the piano with SY while hubby entertained SJ.

I couldn't stop wondering why, but hubby's been really nice by helping me to dry the clothes and collect the dry ones in too. I wouldn't mind doing the folding myself, considering he's been really really helpful today. That's my idea of a perfect husband. I wanted to record this down so that when I'm mad at him next time for not helping, at least after reading this post, I'd be reminded that he had once been a perfect husband to me. So hopefully I won't be angry for long, haha.

Now, I silently thank God and quickly make a wish that this would continue on and on.... Life would be so much happier and less tiring....don't you think so too?

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Peiszong said...

Felt happy for you.


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