Thursday, November 11, 2010

How my girl nearly got me into trouble...

Yesterday after back from school, SY informed me that her school will have a party. She started asking me if I know how to make sandwiches. I told her I don't know. Then she said, "Then we buy lor!"
I was thinking - wah this girl thought everything can be bought!

Then she asked Hubby if he knows how to make sandwiches. To my surprise, hubby said yes. She was so happy and said, "Ok, so Daddy make sandwich".
The next question, "Daddy, do you know that sandwiches are triangle in shape?"
Daddy laughed out loud and said, "Yes".
Then she asked her Daddy what sandwiches is he going to make? Daddy answered Tuna.
Her next request, the sandwiches must be made in this order: - 1) peanut butter 2) tuna 3)butter
And she made Daddy repeat the sequences again to make sure he understood her (LOL!).

Will she start requesting for different designs if she know that all these are sandwiches too? 

I thot she was done with me, but she turned to ask, "Mommy, do you know how to make jelly?".
I said, "Yes".
She's very happy to hear that and said, "Good, Daddy made sandwiches, and Mommy made jellies".
Next came this, "Mommy, can you make jellies in pink color and heart shape?"
And SJ chipped in, "Mommy, I want blue color jellies".
I was stunned, and told her I'm not sure how to get blue color. Luckily she compromised and came out with green instead. I was relieved, and told them, should be no problem.
SY next ask SJ, "What shape you want your jellies to be?" Circle? Square?
SJ was angry and just said "No, I want green, green".
So I explained to SY that SJ might not understand yet, as she still haven't learn her shapes.

When I ask SY how much food to prepare, or when is it, she told me she didn't know but she'll find out. She mentioned something like Tuesday. I thot it would be next month or maybe a few weeks later.

Today, when I dropped them at school, SY's class teacher asked me if SY has told me about their class party next Tuesday. Then she went on to add that SY had volunteered her Mommy to make sandwiches! She asked me if I'm ok with that.

What else can I say? What would you do when you're in such a situation? Of couse I said yes, so as not to disappoint my girl. Luckily I asked if it's ok to prepare tuna sandwishes, or must it be vegetarian. As it turned out, her teacher replied that it's better not to be so obvious (as it's a vegetarian school), but egg and cheese are still acceptable.

There! Now I have to wake up earlier next Tuesday, unless I can figure out a way to keep them fresh if I make them the night before.

Uh... any volunteers?  Maybe I should educate my girl not to volunteer things for me in the future before asking me first. Now she's only 5, and it's only sandwiches. I hope she won't volunteer me for harder task when she grows bigger next time...

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HuiHui said...

SY is very generous with her mummy. :)


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