Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Price of Motherhood

Being a mother can be either a blessing or an affliction. It all depends on how you look at it. 

When you got married, you wished for a child.
When your wish is granted, you're pregnant.
Once pregnant, there's no turning back.

Your child is your responsibility. What you do, what you eat, what you think, and even what you feel, will affect the child inside you. You get blamed for whatever misfortune that befalls the child. It's all the mother's fault. She didn't take good care of herself, or she did that when she's preggy, that's why her child is like that.

If the child turns out too good to be true, the mother will get all the credits too, of course. She eats nutritious food, she simulates her baby since prenatal stage, she reads to her child every night, she chooses to breastfeed for so many years, etc... That's why she's blessed with such a perfect child.

This just shows how much responsibility a Mother has to bear. Good or bad, all will be pointed back to the same source - the Mother. Sometimes I'm not sure if I wanted to be a mother. But it's too late to ponder now, for I'm already a mother of 3 girls. Is that a blessing, or an affliction?

I'd love to think of that as a blessing, but I do not like the responsibilities that comes with it. All the dirty clothes waiting to be washed, dried, folded, ironed, kept. Hungry tummies to be fed. Piling housework that beckons.. Not only that, homeworks that need to be checked, and all the fetchings that needs to be done. When will I ever have time for myself?

Ah, no worries. Some mothers are blessed to have accommodating husbands that help around. Some are fortunate to be able to hire a helper. Some train their kids to help. Sure, Mothers are creative. They still managed to get everything done no matter how impossible it seems. That's why they are super woman. So for 364 days they slave their life away for their kids and husband, and they get a one day recognition - Mother's Day.

Wow, so on that special day, they got pampered with nice meals, flowers, sweet words, pressies, etc. Just for one day. The next day, the cycle continue. So, tell me, why do people still want to be a Mother?

Because the joy that comes when you serve your children are beyond words. The satisfaction of seeing their smile will wipe away all the buckets of sweat you have shed. Their successes are worth every sleepless night you spent worrying over them. And most of all, their happiness is what drive you each moment. At times, when the going gets really tough, when you fall sick and still has to carry on, you thought of letting go. But you can't, because they all depend on you. You can't afford to take sick leave. Not when you're a Mother. So, as long as there is still strength in us, Mothers never give up.

To all Mothers out there, no words can describe how wonderful you are. No thanks can repay all that you've done for your child. Happy Mother's Day, and may your every day be filled with happy moments you'll cherish forever. For no Mother is better than the other. Every Mother gives the best to her child, and to every child, his/her mom is always the best, even though not perfect. For no one is perfect, even if your mom is wrong, to you, she'll always be right.

To my Mama, Thank You for everything you did for me. Only after being a mother myself, I know what you've to go thru in order to bring us up as what we are today. We owe everything to you, and we love you loads. Thank you for believing in us :)

To my Angels, Thank You for coming into my life, for you have given me the privilege to be called Mommy, and thus enjoy today's special honour for all Mothers. Remember you are all equally dear to me, and Mommy will never give up on you. Believe in yourself!

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