Friday, January 1, 2010

An Appetizer to 2010

Last December, we were asked to prepare something for a potluck Christmas party at SY's school. When the teacher asked me what would I bring, I told them home-made yoghurt. But it seemed like they were not so eager to the idea and suggested sausages instead. Well, hubby pointed out - not all people like yoghurt, you see...

So, in the end, here's how my cocktail sausages and fruit sticks turn out to be. Yes, I insisted to include some tomatoes and grapes in it so that it would be healthier. I purposely stick the tomatoes and grapes on top of the sausages because kids normally prefer sausages to fruits, so they would have to eat the fruits first before they can get to the sausages (evil me!). I was planning to get some green grapes too, to add more colors so as to attract the kids, but unfortunately I couldn't find seedless green grapes. So I had to make do with this.

Oh, by the way, I overslept that day, so after boiling the sausages, hubby helped me to wash the fruits and we sticked them quickly before we woke the kids up :) So, what does this imply? Yeah, it's surely a fast and simple thing to prepare!

Ah, I know it's nothing much to shout about, but I just wanted to start my first post of the year with something positive - and food is always a great appetizer, don't you think so? :)

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