Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Predators in Disguise

I had been planning to send SY for Art Lessons, and thought maybe this would be a good year to start her, since she's 5 (she just celebrated her 4th birthday less than 1 month ago!). But something stopped me from doing so temporary.

I heard a real life story from a friend where a 6-year old girl was sent for arts lesson with her brother. When her brother's not going with her, her teacher (male) would ask her to go into a room, gave her stickers and started to touch her private part. She was asked not to tell anyone, and given more stickers to keep her mouth shut. Her parents only found out about this ~1 year later, when the child burst out why she didn't like to go to Art Class.

Gosh, even though I've heard of many child molest cases, it's still disgusting to hear about this especially when it's so close to you. After this I vowed that if I'm ever going to send my kids for extra lessons - the first criteria would be the teacher MUST be a lady teacher. And most of the art teachers are male, so do let me know if you know of any good lady art teachers nearby!

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