Tuesday, December 13, 2011

6 Years Down Memory Lane

I still have not blogged about SY's birth journal. Even after 6 years has passed, it's still fresh in my memory. Well, not to the details like when I had my contraction pains, etc... but I knew I have written it down somewhere in my diary, and even hubby made notes of it for me. Even SY has always asked me to re-tell the story to her over and over again.

This time 6 years ago, which also happened to be a Tuesday, I was in the labour room, timing my contraction pain. I was admitted to the hospital around this time, after observing spotting at ~7++ am. So, that day, I didn't report to work, sent a message to my boss and then hubby bought wanton noodles for breakfast. By the time I arrived in hospital, I was sent to the monitoring room to see how strong my contraction pain was. It was very strong, I couldn't really remember now how frequent apart (maybe 10 minutes?). So I was admitted, and my obs broke my water bag at ~12noon. I pleaded with him not to put me on drips because I want a natural delivery. He was not very happy, but he accommodated my request. 

By 2pm, still very poor progress of dilation. But the pain was still bearable, even though very strong. I remembered the nurses even helped me dilate. But alas! My obs came in at 7pm, looked at my condition (I only dilated up till 6cm), and told me I had to go for emergency C-sec. I argued with him, and asked him to give me more time. Somehow I believe that I could still make it for natural delivery. I remembered that time, all my family members were praying for me remotely. Hubby kept them posted of my condition thru sms, and we said the Rosary. Outside, hubby's family members gathered. 

The obs asked hubby to go outside for awhile, and scolded him! He said, "You engineers thought you know everything, and didn't want to listen to me. You have to ask your wife to agree to go for c-sec. The baby's condition is in danger, blah blah blah". In the end, hubby came in, and talked to me. My MIL was very worried and asked me to go for c-sec. I think I still hanged on till 10pm. I thought I could drag till the next day, because somehow I was misled by a superstitious feeling in me. Earlier that day (or maybe the day before), MIL has told hubby that 13 Dec was not a good day to give birth (she refers to a chinese calendar). And that remark had somehow affected me. So, besides wanting to try for natural birth badly (I've always prepared myself for a natural delivery, and never imagined I could not do it), that remark had caused me to want to delay it till the next day. Thinking of it now, I realised how foolish and superstitious I was. 

I finally agreed to go for c-sec after 10++ pm. By then, the anaesthetic had gone home, so we had to wait. I later learnt that my doctor had secretly prepared the operating theater at 7pm, even though he agreed to let me wait. Well, I vaguely remembered signing a paper before the operation, before I fell unconscious. I thought I was half-conscious when I was signing the paper giving my permission to operate me. The next I knew, I was wheeled out of the operating theater, still very drowsy, and heard my hubby telling me, "Our girl looks exactly like you! I'll beat her buttock for putting you in such pain". Look like our precious little girl came out before midnight :)

I also remembered when I was fully awake, I was alone in the ward. I asked the nurse about my baby. When she carried little SY to me, I saw her smiling at me! How sweet, and that time, my tears welled up. It's such joy to see my little darling finally. 

Even though I missed seeing my little girl came out from my tummy, hubby recorded everything for me. I saw his family members waiting outside anxiously, and when my girl was out, the paed showed her to my hubby. I'm so glad everything turned out so nicely, and I praised and thank God for such a beautiful gift for us. Indeed, I learnt my lesson - not to be superstitious again, everyday is a good day. 

Happy birthday, Sze Yi darling. You're my princess always. 


HuiHui said...

Happy Belated birthday to the precious little girl!

ablogaway said...

Thank you :)


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