Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Doggies Cookies in the Making

Wow, it's been a year since my girl volunteered me to make sandwiches for her class party. Luckily this year, she came back and asked me first. After some thought, I suggested that we tried the doggies cookies (recipes from here). Since we had a long weekend around the corner, we did a trial run a week in advance. 

SJ went with me to shop for all the ingredients and even accompanied me from start to nearly the end. But she couldn't really help, because the ears just won't stick. I was having a hard time with the ears myself. I guess maybe I put too much flour (since my measurements were just 'agak-agak'). After having a very slow progress, I decided to add more butter, and that seemed to help a little. Not long later, SY came back from Amah's house and luckily we're not done yet so she got to do a few. 

Funny shaped-doggies - I was rather frustrated as the ears kept dropping off 

So, I ended up making bigger face doggies to hold the ears better, and can finish faster as well. In the process, my girls kept taxing the koko-crunch and the chocolate chips. SJ especially will break them and told me it's spoilt, so she might as well eat it (LOL!)

Finally, fresh out from the oven. I think it's slightly over-baked

I let the girls bring some to school to share out with some close friends the next day. And they came back telling me that the ears and noses fell off, all doggies were out of shape! Now, how come none of my blogger friends who had tried this a few years back never complained about this? What did I do wrong to have falling ears all the time? I will have to think of a good way to pack them nicely next week...

I really hope someone can tell me how I can further improve the 'ears' problem - for both before and after the baking process....

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