Sunday, April 1, 2012

A time of repentance

I just attended the Penitential Services recently. As usual, my daughters would ask me why do I need to attend that. I have been telling them (for a few years already) that I've been naughty, so I have to say sorry to Jesus. They would then ask me, "Why are you naughty, Mommy? Because you scolded us?". And I would laugh and say yes. Only after that they would let me go.

This year, my 7-year old daughter surprised me with another question. "We can say sorry many many times one, is it Mommy?" So I told her yes. And she went on to ask me, "If we didn't do anything wrong after that, next time we won't need to go for confession again, is it?".

How nice if I can achieve that level. I've never thought about this, but that question has made me think about a lot of things that I've never thought before. For one, I didn't even know how to explain to my daughter that we can't help sinning again and again, that we wouldn't reach that stage. Well, maybe we will, but not so soon. Or is that true? Sigh... I've only taught that it's something that will happen to the Saint, not me. But it's nice to know that God will continue to forgive us, again and again, no matter how many times we sinned. Still, that's not a licence to continue being naughty, would it?

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