Wednesday, April 11, 2012


It was a public holiday today due to the installation of the new king. Though not all companies observed it, luckily mine did. So were my girls' schools.

It's a very fruitful day for me. I finally managed to clear the dusty stack of piled-up documents on my dressing table. I cleaned the shoe rack and the front porch. I have the girls' shoes shop reorganised (you can't imagine how many pairs each have, they have more than mine & hubby & MIL's put together! I gave my long bath a good scrub. I washed SY's school shoes and all the floor mats in the house. I visited the "Elf and the Shoemaker" to get my broken shoe mended. I settled some banking stuffs. I took my MIL and the girls' for a foodie spree (yes, with their favourite cakes for desert too!). I managed to spend time drilling SY with her scales & pieces & sight-reading. The only thing I didn't do or forgotten was helping her with her school assignment (luckily Daddy chirped in when he's back that night).

While I'm guiding SY with her theories, we suddenly experienced minor tremor shakes in our condo in the late afternoon. We felt giddy, the mirror rattled, SJ cried. We evacuated the building twice, first time using the lift (!!!) and 2nd time using the stairs. The 2nd time was more scary, even though the tremors were not as great as the first. I heard water splashing outside as if the water pipe somewhere has burst, people shouting, everyone going down the stairs, etc. What a commotion.

Both times, after we reached down, everything was back to normal. People chatted in their mist of excitement, but it's calm and peaceful. I got several smses at night, asking us to be careful and keep away from the coastal area. But we're staying on the coastal area!

Before we retired for the night, I overheard SY asked MIL, "Amah, why today got earthquake one?" Is it everytime during the King's installation, there'll be earthquake?"

Me: "Speehless....."


Pet said...

My daughter said the same thing too, when have new King, there'll be tsunami (she's more concern about tsunami then earthquake, and talk for days about tsunami.

ablogaway said...

Hahaha, do all 7-year-olds have the same thought? :) Seems like Alex has more knowledge on tsunami, SY couldn't imagine what it's like...


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